Trilogy Q & A

PH: Is it a trilogy or just one story told over three books?

KJ: It is one story but it's very much a trilogy. This should become clearer once the other books are published. For example, although the 3rd person story is continuous, each of the three books has a different 1st person narrator.

PH: That's interesting - so can you tell us who narrates book two?

KJ: No.

PH: Okay. Can you at least tell us what the other two books are called?

KJ: The second book is called "Alchemy". I don't want to give away the title of the third book just yet.

PH: You first wrote "Blood" back in 2006, but did you plan out the rest of the trilogy back then?

KJ: I roughly knew the story for the whole trilogy at once, although I didn't think through the plots in detail, except for the final chapters of the third book. Apart from "Blood", I also wrote down the final lines of the trilogy - I've just carried the rest around in my head for the last five years.

PH: You wrote down the final lines? Can you tell us what they are?

KJ: What do you think? As it happens, last week I told my editor what the final lines are and she said they sent a bit of a shiver down her spine.

PH: See, now you're just teasing me. Can you at least say whether the end will be the end? Do you answer all the questions?

KJ: Of course. I'm not saying there couldn't be scope for more material, but this story is told over three books and by the end it should by satisfyingly complete.

PH: And just to repeat, you answer all the questions?

KJ: I answer all the questions and puzzles that have been raised in "Blood". That's not to say readers won't be left asking other questions - I've tried to portray a world that's greater than the sum of its parts. I can't say more than that for the time being.

PH: Okay, and I can't wait to meet Lorcan Labraid.

KJ: Really? You should be careful what you wish for...

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