KJ Wignall Q & A

The following short interview was conducted by Pete Harries via email...

Pete Harries: I know you don't like being interviewed so I've tried to come up with some slightly different questions.

KJ Wignall: Fire away.

PH: Okay, have you ever been in a crypt?

KJ: Naturally, many times.

PH: I'm not sure there's anything natural about it. Any interesting experiences?

KJ: In the crypts? I visited a crypt in Vienna once which had lots of mummified bodies. I remember one in particular that was still wearing a blue satin dress, perfectly intact after more than two hundred years.

PH: That must've been a bit creepy.

KJ: I didn't think so.

PH: Fair enough. But that brings me onto the next question - have you ever seen a ghost?

KJ: I don't think so.

PH: You don't think so? Surely you know if you've seen a ghost or not?

KJ: Do you? Can you be sure that all the people you saw on the street this morning were really there? You might have seen a ghost without even knowing it. I've seen some strange things in my time - whether any of them were ghosts, I couldn't say.

PH: So do you believe in the supernatural?

KJ: I have trouble with that word. I believe there's more to the world than we currently understand.

PH: So what scares you?

KJ: Nothing really. I don't have children yet but I imagine when I do I'll be fearful for them. I'm still in the carefree stage.

PH: You're right - as soon as we had kids I started worrying about all kinds of things that never bothered me before. Do you have any phobias?

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