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Being Will

Imagine yourself in Will's position. You're sixteen years old, born into a life of power and privilege. There's a public spectacle taking place, the burning of seven witches, and you walk among the crowds, taking in the carnival atmosphere. Then, nothing...

You're walking among crowds one moment and the next you're waking up in the dark. You try to move, but can't. How long before you realize you're in a coffin, that you've been buried alive? You scream and panic, clawing at the wood, as so many others must have done in an age when being buried alive was a very real fear. You manage to break through the crumbling wood, but the panic worsens, as soil falls into the collapsing coffin. Somehow, after a desperate struggle, you manage to escape, and find yourself in strange chambers deep underground, but the real shock is yet to come.

Because you weren't buried alive yesterday or last week. You were buried alive 93 years ago. Everyone who ever knew you is dead. Yet you haven't changed at all, except for a need within you, a need that urges you to tear at the flesh of the people you encounter. You have no way of knowing what you've become or if there was a reason for it, you have no idea how long you'll live or to what end.

You learn to understand a little of your condition. You understand that you are lodged somewhere between life and death. Occasionally you hibernate, each time hoping that death has come to claim you, and each time you awake, buried in soil, you have a brief reminder of that first panic back in 1349. You learn too that you must live alone, for anyone you befriend will grow old and die before your eyes. It's hundreds of years before you even hear the word "vampire" - little wonder that you can't get used to calling yourself by that name.

And so it continues, century after century, until finally, you walk into the life of a homeless man called Jex, and a runaway called Eloise walks into yours. Imagine for a moment, being William of Mercia....

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